Thursday, 10 July 2014

The research question - which is?

It has taken me a good six months to refine my research question and redraft my proposal to begin my PhD journey. And even though I have a fair idea where my research is heading, the research question and design may still take a detour during the research process. My research design includes my methodology and methods that I will use to approach my research question and attempt to answer it while also filling a gap in the knowledge of my particular topic.

Are you still with me?
 Six months has passed since first starting to write my proposal and I thought I would be closer to submitting my application. The research question needs to be realistic and the researcher (me!) needs to find a method suitable to answering it. 

Three major redrafts and I have once again refined my question. Hopefully when I see my supervisor in the new week, I will feel more confident in knowing I'm closer to submitting my application to begin my journey as an HDR student and begin my dreams of furthering my knowledge through research and fulfilling my desire to write on something close to my heart and that in some way or another contribute at least a snippet to the literature on my topic.

So, before that application even gets submitted, the research question (which may transform later!) needs to be refined and a suitable research design needed to attempt to answer it. AND I need to prove or, I believe, argue that it is a worthwhile topic to research.

I will get there. How do I know that? Sheer determination. 

How did you work through refining your research question?

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