Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Conquer the fear of public speaking

I've presented before, I've spoken to large audiences, I've taught groups of school students - I'm a teacher: I know the content and I deliver it in an engaging way.
BUT I have a fear of public speaking especially when it comes to talking something closer to home- such as my own research.
This is the fear I faced yesterday. I wrote about my key tip for public speaking here: http://thepath2phd.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/one-key-way-to-beat-fear-of-public.html

So, how did it go? I did it and I did it well. How do I know? Well I guess it helped my supervisor was pleased and I had fellow academics congratulate me! But what else? How did I know without someone giving me praise?

1. I felt comfortable and relaxed allowing my words to flow.
2. I didn't stumble
3. No I.T failures- slides worked, microphone worked
4. I stayed calm, I remembered to breathe!
5. I stayed within the time limit and won a $50 giftcard.
6. I kept the audience's attention

Here are my tips for being well prepared and having a successful presentation

1. Prepare- use slides or another application but don't read off it.
2. Use notes- keep them with you on stage- it's okay to refer to them 
3. Use a quote or two from your research
4. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes - keep it slightly understated and professional
5. Breathe- write that on your notes as a reminder.
6. Stick to 2 or 3 key points that - don't overload your audience as they won't remember anyway 
7. Make your opening line matter.
8. Practise and time yourself- practise presenting to your son, mum or dog!

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