Friday, 8 April 2016

Theories, methodologies and perspectives. Oh my!

Theories, methodologies and perspectives - what are they? It's been a long time between blog posts and I can say it's mostly because I have been disillusioned by the question - which methodology fits my research?
So after exploring Narrative Inquiry (NI) whereby the researcher retells participants' stories through listening, observing and interviewing their lived experiences, I've concluded that (insert family feud's wrong buzzer here) that NI is not quite the right methodology for my research project. It's not wrong just not right either.
The socio-cultural perspective is still on the right track and it fits with the current track of thinking with- Third Space Theory and Appreciative Inquiry. 
If you want to learn more about Third Space Theory (I'm still learning!) Check out Dr Adam Fraser and Appreciative Inquiry in a nutshell is in the below cartoon.
So until next time, I need to make sure that instead of read, read, read, I need to read, reflect and (w)rite and get back into the Phd life!

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