Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Read, scribble, read, idea, scribble

As I get my head around a possible methodology and way to conduct my qualitative research, I realise I have a lot of work ahead of me- mostly writing that makes sense. After reading a few papers in my new way of inquiry, I rush to write ideas so not to forget them. It looks more like a preschooler's scribble but it makes sense to me. Now to put my scribble or lines into paragraphs so that I might include some of it in my thesis. I've remembered what I need to do to ensure I keep waiting - write about anything and everything even if it's not direct,y related to my topic and only a few sentences. Once I start writing, I'm usually in a better headspace to write on what I really should be writing about- my research topic. Thought it's not just writing about my topic, it's also writing about the process and why or why I haven't included particular items. So I thought I would share below my latest scribble that needs to be written up in academic speak.

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