Friday, 6 September 2013

Write that article!

I have read many blogposts, books, articles recently about writing a research article for submission in a journal to increase academic credibility. 
It is recommended that I get writing sooner rather than later. I thought that now my thesis is in for review and I have goals for my writing that getting started would be a non-issue.

I was wrong! My article goals, topic focus, guidelines from selected journal, article l
Format and previous articles from the selected journal are still sitting on my desk, bulldogged clipped together.

My supervisor told me last week, to take this time while my thesis is in review to have a break. So why do I want to write this article now?

1. I love my topic and I have my focus - the area I want to hone in on is based on a finding from my thesis.
2. I want to practice my writing
3. I believe I have something that needs to be shared
4. I want credibility by adding a published article to my list of achievements- lots of published articles will get me a job, post PhD, right? (This is what has been drilled I to my head from some articles, blog posts by academics,
5. The satisfaction of having an article published after the huge review, edit process. 

So, why in the last two weeks, have I not reached my writing goals? 
Here's my procrastination list:

1. Family commitments
7month old baby, school child- I need to focus on them while they're young. 

2. Sleep deprivation.
One word - teething!

3. Pressure from reading too many articles on 'I must get published now'.

4. Back to work
Juggling work, family and the household is tiring and time-consuming.

5. Procrastination has never been a problem before, so what's the problem? Hmmm, confused?

What next:
Follow a '20 days of writing' program. I will start with an easy short goal of writing 'new' words for approximately 20 minutes a day, for 20 days, on my topic. Original form of program states the topic of writing can be on anything- well I do that, just not on my topic!

What do you do to overcome procrastination? (Especially if it's something you want to do!)

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