Sunday, 8 September 2013

Paperwork schmaperwork: the PhD application process

Scholarship applications for semester one next year are closing, so I thought I better take a look at the requirements for PhD candidature at my University. I have now realised I need to do my application for the scholarship and the University enrolment at the same time. However, as the closing date for scholarships is next month and I need my paperwork completed, including my research proposal, time is a big problem here. I'm only up to a mind map of my proposed research topic!

Then I get to one of the application questions - publications. Hmm...nope, nothing to write in here. My last blog post was about writing an article on my research and the fact is, well, I haven't written it yet!  See that blog post here

Looking at what I need to do inthe next six months, my goals to achieve are;

1. Write a research article and persevere with getting it published
2. Write a draft research proposal and ensure the literature review is strong
3. Find a willing secondary supervisor 
4. Complete my HDR application for enrolment (done scholarship application at the same time)

What was the process like for you when applying to do a PhD?

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