Monday, 26 August 2013

5 reasons my supervisor rocks!

Hand this is where my PHD journey begins. Actually,I guess I could say it started when I began my Masters in research.
Today, I had my Master's thesis printed and bound. I sign it off tomorrow and then it is sent to two reviewers - one internal and one external.

At my University, to go on with the PhD pathway. I need to receive at least a credit. I presented  my ideas in an earlier post, which will continue on with my current topic of research - TPACK in the classroom- except this time, I will be working with pre-service teachers. I have been tutoring since last month and it has reignited my desire to go back to my original ideas and interests- working with ICTs in the Teacher Education Program (TEP).

My next hope is that my current supervisor is willing to take me on again and see me through a PhD! I will keep you posted!

5 reasons my supervisor rocks

1) I like the way he thinks
Similar ideas and beliefs, have definitely helped produce an excellent working relationship.

2) I always receive constructive feedback
Constructive feedback and encouragement at each meeting- i always leave feeling motivated. 

3) He knows his stuff!
I'm always learning something new about research and academic writing. 

4) He has faith in me
Even when I went through the phase of doubting myself. His continuous support without micromanaging has given me more confidence. I don't want to let myself down but I don't want to let my supervisor down either.

5) He is highly respected in his field.
I certainly feel privileged to be his student. He is highly regarded, which makes me strive harder to produce a high standard of work everytime (even drafts!) and I ensure I'm prepared each time we meet. 

As I write this, it's clear that my supervisor is a source of motivation!

What attributes do you think an exceptional supervisor needs?

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