Sunday, 14 July 2013

In the meantime...

While my complete thesis draft is with my supervisor and I wait to hear back as to what changes I need to make, I am making the most of this week by doing more reading and writing.

My supervisor has just returned from America where he was working at another University. While he was there he bought a book on scholarly writing. He lent this book to me this week to help me write my first article on my research.

The book is 'Writing for Scholarly Publication' by Anne Sigismund Huff. I found it incredible useful and wrote my own summary on what I needed to when I begin writing my article this month. Just on flipping through it, I was interested to see an annotated bibliography at the end of the book. Not only helpful to see what other books are out there on scholarly writing but also how Anne wrote an annotated bibliography.

'Writing for Scholarly Publication' is from Anne's perspective but I found that her work can be given extra credibility as she has included another perspective on article writing from a fellow academic.

This book covers what one needs to write a scholarly article from title and abstract to a complete draft. It guides you towards producing your best work for submission to a journal with exercises to help you achieve this.

The main message is to keep on writing. Identify when you do your best writing and write then. Is it in the early hours of the day when the sun is coming out and only the birds are waking or is it in the corner of your study late at night or is it in a busy café with the sound of the coffee machine and chatter in the background? Whatever helps you overcome any writer's block and allows your thoughts to flow free, do it and write!

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