Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My newest research tool: using a livescribe smart pen in research

I have spent the last two hours playing with my latest research tool: a livescribe wifi smart pen. I have used the livescribe echo smart pen previously for my master's research. It made data collection and the transcribing of interviews much easier and it was also a fun way to integrate technology into my research.

The difference between the Echo and the Wifi version is in the name itself. To retrieve the audio and writing, the Echo needed to be connected to a computer whereas the wifi version syncs wirelessly to the application Endnote. I already had an Endnote account and the application on my ipad and now my laptop. But it is easy to set up Endnote if you haven't done this yet.

I realise not only is this tool going to come in handy for my qualitative data collection for my current research product but also for meetings and seminars as writing without recording audio is an option as my notes will be synced and can be transformed to readable text. 

Have you used a Livescribe smartpen in your research?

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