Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My first week as an HDR student - what are you doing today?

I knew that as soon as I was accepted into the PhD program I would hit the ground running.
My first week as an HDR probationary candidate entailed;

-meeting with my Supervisor
-scheduling workshops and research days
-beginning my research plan
-filling in a survey regarding supervisor and student roles
-watching HDR induction videos
-reading policies and procedures (recently updated)
-re-doing my research planner
-updating my research gantt chart (love my Gantt!)
-setting up NVivo for Lit review

A great tip from Dr Lee-Ann Bye, USC, when she was a PhD candidate, was if someone asks what you are doing today, reply with 'I am working'. This will be one of the best tips to keep with me as I found when I did my research for my Master's degree, others thought that if I was home, I was free to do as I pleased including odd jobs for them! So, instead of saying 'I am studying', I will be saying 'I am working!'.

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